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  • Self-service Kiosk
  • Automated Queueing Process
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Why Kyoo?

Here are the benefits of using our system

Reduce the long waiting time that your customers spend via a variety of platforms.

Increase customer retention

Set yourself apart from competitors

Increase Conversion and Speed

Accelerate customer transactions

Improve operaiton effectiveness

Optimise your customer experience

Capture performance data

Improve both front-end and back-end operations with realtime data and dashboards.

Improve Customer satisfaction

Engage waiting customers with updates straight from their mobile

Reduce Operational Cost

Optimize staff performance & productivity

Innovate the way you work

Business App

Queue Management

Enhance service, resource allocation, sales and marketing programs via real-time reports and dashboards.

Business Portal

Branch Management & Analytics

Employee performance can be tracked through our business portal. Management can check the staff's latest actions and changes concerning the business.

Kyoo Kiosk

Self-service Queueing Kioks

The system gives you general controls for queueing, which you can customize according to your needs. It can be tailor-made depending on your industry.

Kyoo TV

Real-time TV Display Screen

TV screen will display to your customers which queues are in line, being called, served and completed. The information constantly changes real-time. Can display ads, play videos to keep customers entertained while promoting your business.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Let your customer know about their queue status.
Provide the best customer experience.

SMS Notification

Receive updates about customers' waiting time and service expectation through sending them SMS notifications.

QR Code Web Slip

By scanning the QR code available, web queue slip can be accessed. Queue status can be checked by your customers.

How It Works

Customers may manage queues wherever they are using any available devices.

Make use of various suitable platform for your business queueing management needs.

Notify customers regarding the status of their queue through the Customer App.

Display visual presentation of queues being served and entertain customers with advertisements and updates from the TV displays.

Be the best of what you do through data analytics and dashboards.


Keep hungry customers happy and well-served with their favorite foods and drinks while increasing staff productivity like never before.

Streamline patient flow with Kyoo to provide patients the right care at the right time in a comfortable, hassle-free environment

Let customers steer the right deals and services for their vehicles without the lines and hassles.

Gain more trust and credibility with an updated customer service flow in our government offices to relieve our fellow people from the dilemma of long lines.

Implement contactless transactions with couriers and more convenient ways of reaching out to financial service providers for your loved ones with the help of our system.

during COVID-19

Protect your staff, customers and business in this time of global pandemic.

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