to the next level

Level up your queueing experience
with Kyoo's all new cloud queueing solutions.

Reduced Crowding

Maintain your waiting rooms clear and keep your customers remotely in the loop on the status of their queue.

Redesigned Experience

No more customers walking away due to waiting or standing in line. Update them on the status of their queue as they wait for their turn.

Data-supported Solutions

Get the glimpse of your daily activities in real time. Make smarter business decisions through analytics and metrics.

How can I save time using Kyoo?

Take a look on how Kyoo can make your waiting time enjoyable by reinventing the queueing experience.

How can Kyoo help my business?

See how you can increase customer retention and analyze service operations efficiently by using Kyoo.

Digital Queue Displays

For seamless queueing experience, we offer on screen queueing status tracker through TV or LED monitor, self sign-in kiosks and dashboards.

  • Self-service Kiosk
  • Automated Queueing Process
  • Customized Ads

User Friendly
Data Analytics

Generate valuable insights from the customer and company activities through available dashboards and analytics.

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Total Queues and Counting

Make waiting

Be more productive while waiting. Queue online on your favorite stores and services with Kyoo mobile app.

Kyoo Highlights

Explore how to leverage your queueing experiences
through smart online queueing


Long lines again? Say no more! Queue on your favorite merchants and do as much as you can as you wait for your turn.

Realtime Updates

Tired of wasting your time? Allow yourself to efficiently make use of your time by getting notified with the status of your queue.

Contactless Queueing

More comfort? Navigate your choice of products and services of your selected merchants by simply scanning a QR Code from your phone, using the customer app.

Be Rewarded

Enjoying Kyoo? Keep Kyooing and get amazing perks and benefits.