Queueing Management

All-in-one, digital queueing management system for your business and customers.

The ultimate
queueing management system for your business. ​

The ultimate
queueing management system for your business. ​

Provide the best customer experience

Queueing Features

Minimize queues and waiting times as you deliver
optimized workflows and customer experience

Queue Workspace

Monitor and manage the overall
queue process.

Multi-branch Management

Set up new locations, assign services, generate reports by location

Services and Windows

Manage services per window based on preferred requirements and quickly assign to your staff.

Virtual Queueing

Visitors can now queue online
via business URL or by scanning a QR code.

Manage Teams

A simple way to keep in touch as well as stay on top of their performance.

Generate Reports

View your daily analytics, track staff activities, receive real-time monitoring and generate reports.

Commited to Safety

Your customers and staff’s safety is your number one priority. Achieve contactless transactions with Kyoo.

Discover how Kyoo helped
different businesses & industries​

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