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Our service is designed to be accessible to businesses
across a variety of industries.

Manage your business
and queues

Customize the system to suit
your business needs

More useful features

Why Kyoo?

Here are the benefits of using our system
Reduce the long waiting time that your customers spend via a variety of platforms.
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Increase customer retention

Set yourself apart from competitors


Increase conversion
and speed

Accelerate customer transactions

Improve operation effectiveness

Optimise your customer experience

Increase customer retention

Improve operations with realtime data and dashboards.

Improve operation effectiveness

Engage waiting customers with updates straight from their mobile

Reduce operational cost

Optimise your customer experience

Increase Customer Loyalty

Let your customer know about their queue status.
Provide the best customer experience.

SMS Notification

Let your customer know about their queue status.
Provide the best customer experience.

QR Code Web Slip

By scanning the QR code available, web queue slip can be accessed. Queue status can be checked by your customers.

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Lalamove Philippines is the country’s top same-day truck delivery app. It connects customers with delivery drivers throughout Luzon, from Manila to Pampanga, and even Cebu Island. Its goal is to provide an efficient and cost-effective last-mile delivery option by making deliveries quick and easy.  Lalamove Philippines integrated the Kyoo- Queueing Management System in its operations starting February 2023. Leisue Inc. is proud to have contributed to the company’s success in upgrading its service operation, hence better satisfying the increased demand the company is experiencing. Curious about the feedback and implementation? Scroll down to see the full details:  

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Lalamove Phililppines

Lalamove Philippines is the leading same-day truck delivery app. Lalamove Ky00 Philippines recently joined KYOO Team last February 2023. A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF CONVENIENCE AT

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What to Expect from a Queueing System Made For Tertiary-Level Health Care?

The best healthcare experience goes hand-in-hand with the most efficient services. The faster the patients come in and out of your health facilities, the more people you can serve. However, the challenge is managing the massive amount of people needing medical assistance. This is especially evident with tertiary public and private hospitals with the ongoing health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s only a matter of time for you to use the right tools to handle long waiting queues. If you’re looking to manage long lines, then you should look into a queue management system. Going digital with a queuing solution is not as intimidating as you think it is. The healthcare sector is one of the many industries that

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