Better Queue Systems, Better Customer Experience

reater customer satisfaction hinges on the systems that make the overall experience better. But challenges lie ahead as more people want to receive the same service, thus, creating long queues.

While waiting is common and unavoidable, you could never know the final nail in the coffin for your customer to finally get up and leave even after waiting for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or even more than an hour. Some things are out of your hands but not the systems you can put in place to increase queuing efficiency. 

Using Automated Systems 

Automated systems are used in a variety of industries, including banking. Queue management techniques are utilized to manage customer arrivals and direct them to the appropriate locations. However, the majority of available approaches in Real-world systems do not estimate the waiting time. customers. 

An attempt to overcome this occurrence was done by employing the queuing theory of Little’s Law. By utilizing an organized strategy in their approach, you can consider the length of the count queue, and the number to estimate servers and head of the line variables for the waiting period.

Self-Service Kiosks

Paper ticketing kiosks are a frequent method of receiving a service in systems that require queue management at the service location. These kiosks handle automated dispensing of tickets to create sales even without a live agent. Many businesses consider using ticketing kiosks as it is cost-effective and an interactive marketing approach.

Smart Queue Management System

Yes, there is a way to have all queueing needs answered and that is with a smart queue management system. A smart queue management system incorporates units for digital ticket registration and verification. Essentially, customers who have a digital ticket can leave the waiting areas and return when it is their turn to receive service. Furthermore, the system can communicate with consumers’ cell phones by providing real-time service updates in the form of audio and visual feedback.

Going digital for your queueing needs means that you can make use of mobile devices to do everything — schedule an appointment, scan QR codes and get real-time notifications and SMS messages. You can also hold your spot in a virtual queue which means you don’t have to physically wait in line.

Creating workarounds for the inconvenient process of waiting for service is constant. Identifying points of access and implementation such as smartphones can facilitate the integration of mobile applications as a means of having a better queuing system.

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